Spider-Man: No Way Home Releases ‘The More Fun Stuff Version’

Marvel announce ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home The More Fun Stuff Version’, available to watch in cinemas from September 2022!

Fans and viewers of Spider-Man: No Way Home know that there was a lot to unpack, with many scenes being cut to fit within the run time. Now, it has been announced that in September, an extended edition will come to cinemas, with the ‘more fun stuff version’.

Spider-Man: No Way Home see’s Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in a desperate state from the beginning. With his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) and girlfriend Mary Jane (Zendaya) are about to go off to college, Peter realises that their involvement with him if effecting their future. With the help of Doctor Strange, Peter asks if there’s a spell where the world would forget that he is Spider-Man.

Now, of all the Avengers you might say that Peter Parker is the one who thinks before he speaks the least. With interrupting the spell, the multiverse cracked open, with villains from the Spider-Verse leaking into his.

Potentially the best kept secret in Marvel history, the film also stars Tobey MaGuire and Andrew Garfield also playing their variations of Spider-Man. This was a truly impressive way to show how the multi-verse works, depicting that now their own series’ of Spider-Man films are cannon.

There are magical moments throughout the film and it has the perfect spin of action, comedy, and drama. You will go from feeling extremely sad to laughing out loud within seconds and fans won’t forget the feeling of watching it for the first time.

Now the ‘More Fun Stuff Version’ is to be released, we imagine this to be jam-packed with funny scenes between the three Spider-Men, and hopefully more interactions between all characters.

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