Harry Styles Welcomes Guests into ‘Harry’s House’

Harry Styles has finally released his long awaited new album ‘Harry’s House’. It is now available to listen to on Spotify!

The incredibly popular artist has been waiting for the right time to deliver his new material, and that time is now. Fans and listeners have gone crazy since it’s release in Friday 20th May, with many sharing their views and favourites across social media.

The album starts with ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’, with its introductory harmonies trending on TikTok ever since. Simply setting the vibe for the whole album, Harry has created the perfect summer sound in this first track.

A couple of tracks later is ‘Grapejuice’. With pure bliss and picnic vibes, this is truly a fan favourite already and establishes the breezy vocal range of Styles himself. ‘Daylight’ is a great track if you love a gradual build up. With highs and lows, the energy in this song goes from A to B in a matter of seconds, and it works perfectly!

‘Matilda’ has a slower vibe showing off glorious vocal range from Harry Styles. Many find comfort with this track by relating to the lyrics, appreciating the smaller things and identifying this in themselves.

A few tracks later we have ‘Daydreaming’. Back to the happy upbeat sound, you’ll be humming this one on a loop for days. It’s catchy, has beautiful lyrics and is sang from the heart.

Finally, the album completes with ‘Love Of My Life’, which is a truly gorgeous way to round up the album. Overall, this is a fabulous album for new and existing fans. With each song sang with such passion, a mixture of vibes and emotions, you’ll have this collection on repeat for weeks.

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