REVIEW – Florence + The Machine Drop Album ‘Dance Fever’

Florence + The Machine have dropped a collection of bangers in the form of ‘Dance Fever’. It is now available to listen to on Spotify!

The release has been long-awaited and fans are now depicting the album track by track. There have been lots of buzz around many tracks, with everyone’s favourite different to the next. That’s what makes Florence + The Machine so special, they cater to all sounds!

The first track ‘King’ really sets the vibe for the album. The incredibly relatable lyrics make this a great listen, especially if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut! An empowering track for women, Florence describes the feeling of refusing to be cast as a ‘bride’ or a ‘mother’, and that we are ‘king’.

A few tracks later is ‘Back In Town’. With an ethereal introduction, the track is soon accompanied by the glorious vocals of Florence. This one almost sounds acapella, with it’s fading backing track. The two compliment each other very well.

‘Prayer Factory’ has an almost haunting vibe, and can be pictured alongside any kind of creepy horror movie!

‘Heaven Is Here’ has a more upbeat vibe. With a playground chanting introduction, you can really hear the passion on Florence’s voice. Similarly to ‘Prayer Factory’, these tracks prove that a song doesn’t necessarily have to be long to be a masterpiece.

‘The Bomb’ has a coming-home feel and is brilliantly placed towards the end of the album. It is relaxing and the vocals will send you to sleep… in a good way! Finally, the track sounds up with ‘Morning Elvis’. This is the perfect close to an incredible album! The hailing harmonies has the album feel full circle.

‘Dance Fever’ is a glorious collection of songs whether you’re an existing fan or fairly new to the material of Florence + The Machine. This is truly the soundtrack to your summer, with songs catering to every mood and feeling.

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