James Bay Announces New Album ‘Leap’

James Bay has excited fans as he returns to the music scene. ‘Leap‘ is the upcoming album from the artist, releasing on 8th July!

In his recent announcement, James Bay has shared a powerful letter on social media, discussing his mental health journey towards the making of ‘Leap’. The new album promises to be an open hearted collection of tracks, with dedications to those closest to him.

The UK singer songwriter, guitarist and producer, likes to challenge himself within popular music. With his clever lyrics and story telling rocked the world of music in 2015, when his release of ‘Chaos And The Calm’ hit triple platinum-certified.

When discussing the new album, James said:

“In 2019 I was really struggling. I started writing songs to try and help me deal with fear, anxiety and problems with self-confidence. Feelings that run deep, that I’ve never wanted to share. Somehow, it all turned into some of the most hopeful and uplifting music I have ever made. It was so freeing to celebrate those people in my life that I love the most, that hold me up when I really need it. They’re the ones who give me the courage to go for it, to dare. When I can’t see the net, they give me the courage to leap.”

Excitingly, a preview for new single ‘One Life’ has surfaced to support promotion for the next chapter for James Bay. The track was inspired by his longtime partner Lucy. and is a dedicated love letter to her support over the years.

For a glimpse of what is to come, you can find the track listing below:

  1. “Give Me The Reason”
  2. “Nowhere Left To Go”
  3. “Save Your Love”
  4. “Everyone Needs Someone”
  5. “One Life”
  6. “Silent Love”
  7. “Love Don’t Hate Me”
  8. “Brilliant Still”
  9. “Right Now”
  10. “We Used To Shine”
  11. “Endless Summer Nights”
  12. “Better”

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