Christina Perri Debuts New Single ‘Evergone’

“Evergone” is the stunning new single from multi-platinum songstress, Christina Perri. It is an emotional, yet hopeful track that will have you smiling through watery eyes.

The single will be the first song to be released since her platinum hit “Human” eight years ago! Christina Perri wrote “evergone” alongside Jennifer Decilveo, Jordan Miller, and Jason Bell and produced by Jennifer Decilveo. Listen to the singer share experience of grief in the most beautiful way. She has used her talents and craft as a way to process the loss of her daughter, Rosie. She explains;

My new single ‘evergone’ is so much more than another release. It is a story about grief and loss and choosing to believe the person you lost isn’t really gone. Writing this song helped me heal from the recent loss of my daughter, Rosie. I hope my words help others through their own grief and healing.” 

Whilst it can be considered as a rather heartbreaking track, there is comfort behind her words. Losing someone close to you is a task that we all unfortunately have to face in life however, those who leave are never truly gone – and that’s the message we need to hold close to us.

Christina Perri has just finished recording her highly anticipated third full length album, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates on that! Whilst you wait, “evergone” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms.

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