REVIEW – Ella Henderson Releases ‘Everything I Didn’t Say’

Ella Henderson has released her beautiful brand new album ‘Everything I Didn’t Say’. You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms!

The album starts strong with ‘Emotions’, and certainly sets the vibe for entire album. Super summery vibes!

A few tracks later we have ‘Let’s Go Home Together’ featuring Tom Grennan. The incredibly chilled and laid back instrumental works perfectly with Ellas’ soft vocals. The track describes the instant attraction to someone, because of how comfortable they make you feel.

‘Out Of My Head’ shows off Ellas’ breezy and effortless vocals. This track specifically also has an incredible build up throughout, having listeners excited for the next verse.

‘Everything I Didn’t Say’ stands out, and not just because that’s also the name of the album. In a more of a ballad setting, this gorgeous track is filled with pure emotion. We’ve all been in a position that in the heat of a moment forget to say how we really feel because the words can not be found. It’s such an elegant song.

‘Good Things Take Time’ picks up the pace again. This unbelievable dance track will have you up on your feet in no time!

The following track is ‘Northern Lights’ and will make you feel incredibly grounded. With its real and relatable lyrics, you’ll feel encouraged to move forward with whatever your struggles might be at the moment.

The album closes with ‘Places’, which is a perfect goodbye to the 16 tracked masterpiece. Describing the feeling of finding someone you’d like to travel with physically and emotionally, you’ll become obsessed with this song in no time.

‘Everything I Didn’t Say’ is a perfect pop summer collection. No matter what you’re vibe is this summer – either drinks with friends or picnics in the park, the soundtrack to your summer is tucked nicely into one album.

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