Rosie Returns with ‘Next Life’

Rosie has released her brand new single ‘Next Life’. The track is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

She was originally seeking a safe space online for herself and her original material. However, she quickly escalated on a hugely successful level, with fans across the world by refusing to be anyone other than herself.

Rosie is known in the industry for being her true authentic self. No filters or fakeness, she’s captured the hearts of her fans by simply being herself. The truly captivating new single is a deep dive into the journey of Rosie’s road to acceptance, self love and battling her demons.

The music video has allowed viewers to see Rosie in her most natural state and possibly the most vulnerable she’s shared with us. Fans are thrilled at the stripped back video that compliments the beautiful piano ballad. The visual as a whole is mesmerising from beginning to end, capturing the most gorgeous colours and angles.

When discussing the new release, Rosie said:

“‘Next Life’ is a complex song for me. Though it is painfully heartbreaking, I wanted to add a sense of hope each time the chorus circles back, ‘maybe in my next life I can live my best life.’ This song evokes a wide range of emotions, but I hope that ultimately it sends the message: we’re all just human beings, doing our best to feel our best, whether it is in this life, or in our next life.”

Rosie is a rare find in terms of her authenticity and listeners can’t wait to hear more of what’s in store ‘Next Life’ is a love letter sent by one’s self, and considers the emotion of self love tremendously.

This Spring, Rosie will be supporting Chelsea Culture on her North American Tour. The opening night is on 9th March in Austin, get your tickets here!

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