Gina Naomi Baez Releases Reflective New Single ‘Stick Around’

Gina Naomi Baez is a New York born actress, singer/songwriter, YouTuber and influencer. She has very recently dropped her wonderfully raw new single titled “Stick Around.”

Upon the very first listen, her flawless vocals shine through instantly, keeping you hooked from the very first lyric sung. It has a gentle tone which is perfect for those times where you want to sit back, relax and reflect. Lyrically, it explores the notion of undeserving of love, care and attention. It talks of that questioning feeling of how someone special can stick with you through your most toughest times. Gina confides;

“Showing your truth is such a vulnerable state and when you find someone who embraces you at your best and lowest …well…that is rare and something you should protect at all costs.”

Originally, the track was posted on TikTok where only a verse and chorus had been written. After it went viral and viewers begging for more, the singer thought now would be a good time to finish up the single and give the people what they wanted; a stunning, meaningful track that we can all relate to.

Gina Naomi Baez has already had a flourishing acting career and has landed roles in some of the most iconic shows including She’s Gotta Have It, Orange is the New Black and most recently CBS’s FBI. She has also performed in a variety of Off-Broadway and Regional theatrical productions, with Baez currently starring in Rattlesnake Kate (written by Neyla Pekarek from The Lumineers). Her YouTube career is also a big success. She posted an incredible parody of titled “Lizzo’s Truth Hurts x Hocus Pocus” where Lizzo has seen and shared herself! The channel also sees a number of covers, music videos, and parodies of pop songs.

“Stick Around” is not out in full and is available to stream on Spotify! Gina Naomi Baez is a talented star that needs to be on your radar, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for further updates!

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