Daytime TV Release New Banger ‘Side By Side’

Daytime TV have released their smashing new single ‘Side By Side’. The track is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Daytime TV of Will Irvine on guitar and vocals, Gareth Thompson on drums, Chris Clark on bass and John Caddick on guitar. The four piece rock band are currently based in Edinburgh and London, and have released their new song based on love and acceptance, chemistry and compassion.

The track dogs into the raw emotion of wanting to desperately fix and continue a relationship that is on the rocks. The chemistry with a person is enough for anyone to hold on to what they believe they can fix, but the reality is that sometimes this is totally out of your hands.

The delicate vocals from Will carry the track tremendously. With the perfect clash of instruments from the rest of the boys too, it will certainly be on repeat for a while.

When discussing the track, Will Irvine said:

“It’s a painful thing when you love someone to pieces but there are circumstances that are driving a wedge between you. Sometimes you’re not around to put things right or to say or do the thing that would make that person feel better. We’re all at different parts of our journey at different times and sometimes they don’t match. It’s heartbreaking but it’s the fact that we’re all different that makes us human…. It’s a very raw song for us and one that tells a very real story.”

The single is the last to be released from brand new album ‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching’, which debuts on 25th February. Fans are delighted with the announcement of new music, as the band continue to unveil powerful lyrics crossed with their pop / rock arrangements.

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