French Punk Rock Band SALVATION Release Video for ‘Echos’

“Echos” is the smashing new single from French punk-rock band Salvation. It’s powerful sound perfectly captures the punk fans go crazy for. The guitars, drums, vocals, and lyrics create an addictive mix that will have you replaying the song over and over again.

Recently, Salvation brought the single to life by dropping a music video where you can see the band doing what they do best. The simplistic video showcases the four members performing the track, and it gives you an insight to the infectious energy that radiates off of them and their music, making want to see them live for yourselves and belt the song right back at them.

Salvation was formed by William Razza and Pierre-Emmanuel Touchard (vocals and guitar). They were then later joined by bassist Loïc Michaud after he toured Europe with a group named No Perfect for three years. The band were finally whole when drummer Martin Venturini finished of the perfect quartet and their journey together started. Punk-rock is a genre that everyone has loved at least once in their lifetime. Whether that be smashing out to Green Day in the early 2000s, or rocking out to some All Time Low today. Whichever one you may be, Salvation is perfect for both ends of the spectrum. They draw influence from the most notable punk-rock bands in the music industry including Green Day, Blink 182, NOFX, Simple Plan, and Sum 41. If you’ve ever blasted these bands out of your speakers, then you better add “Echos” onto that same playlist.

Salvation are currently working on a 13-track album which is certainly something to look forward to, so be sure to keep a look out so you don’t miss out on any further information!

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