The Joshua Hotel Drop ‘Somebody New’

The Joshua Hotel have dropped brand new enlightening single ‘Somebody New’. You can listen to the track on Spotify!

The Joshua Hotel is the alias of solo songwriter from Scotland, Joshua Mackenzie. The release follows their debut EP ‘Closet Romantic’, which was released earlier this year.

With his clever story telling abilities, the new song is portrayed in reverse, as the song begins at the end of the story. The track uncovers the deep aftermath of a difficult breakup. In an incredibly unique way, the track involves The Joshua Hotel retracing the steps of a previous relationship to work out where things went wrong.

It is seriously catchy and fills you with dread from the start, yet you find yourself desperate to listen on. It’s refreshing to hear such detail in a story telling track, and is truly some of the greatest work from the artist. It noticeably pairs the reverb washed productions of Chromatics and The XX. The track was also mastered by Jason Shaw (Cambodian Space Project).

When discussing the track, The Joshua Hotel said:

‘”Somebody New” deals with the end of a complicated relationship. It gives a brutally honest account of looking back at the mistakes and mishandling of emotions that led to heartbreak and fantasising about everything you would change if somehow you could relive it all with the newfound clarity and growth of hindsight.

The track was written and recorded in his home studio, in the Highlands of Scotland. ‘Somebody New’ was also loosely inspired by the 2011 film ‘Drive’, thriving from isolation.

The Joshua Hotel is certainly one to watch in terms of upcoming artists. The song writing techniques and powerful vocals are a perfect combination, with having a mixture of emotions with every track.

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