Danielle Cormier Spreads the Christmas Spirit with ‘Merrier with You’

Americana singer-songwriter, Danielle Cormier, gets into the Christmas spirit with her wonderful new track “Merrier with You” – a song that will draw you in immediately.

There are so many iconic Christmas songs that get played on repeat year after year. It’s rare that an artist is brave enough to release new holiday materiel. Danielle Cormier however, took that challenge in her stride. “Merrier with You” has everything you want in a holiday song. It’s easy to listen to. Perfect background noise for when decorating your tree or baking Christmas cookies. Its simple tones will draw you in and relax you during the festive season.

This isn’t the first time the singer has released a Christmas song. It’s a tradition she keeps up every year, and every song just keeps getting stronger and stronger. She explains;

“Every year I release an original Christmas song. Originally, I had thought about recording a cover of a classic this year, but while I was looking, I became frustrated at my options and decided to write another one of my own. That’s where the inspiration started! I asked my friend, Karlie Bartholomew, to help me write the song and Merrier With You was born! We took our personal experiences of how we celebrate with our respective partners and put those ideas into the song. But, this song isn’t just for couples celebrating the holidays together…families, friends and roommates can all take something away from this. I hope that listeners can relate in finding those people who make the holiday season merrier.” 

Danielle’s music showcases her unique and honest songwriting that is both approachable and captivating. Back in 2016, she moved to Nashville after studying musical theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Since then she has been working on her original material and dropped an album titled “Fire & Ice” – which was produced by Adam Lester. Earlier this year, she worked alongside Adam once again to record her most recent project “Réflexion” at The Pilot Lounge in Fairview, TN. The songs created from this project were written throughout the year of 2020 which captured the singers emotions and experiences from that very difficult year.

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