The Great Leslie Drop ‘Anna’

The Great Leslie have released their smashing and upbeat new track ‘Anna’. It is available to listen to on Spotify!

The band formed in July 2020, during the pandemic. The Great Leslie consist of Ollie Trevers on vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Julian Baraness on Lead Guitar, Jason Boyd on Bass and Ryan Lavender on drums.

Their whirlwind journey with music is a force to be reckoned with, and has no sign of slowing down any time soon!

In such a short space of time, The Great Leslie have worked hard to release 7 singles as well as an EP. Their releases include fan favourites such as ‘Everything From Last Night’.

‘Anna’ is an upbeat number and is sang passionately throughout the track. The lyrics describe the feeling of wonder about a close friend, and what would happen if there was anything more. We can imagine that a lot of listeners will relate to this almost taboo subject.

When discussing the track, Ollie said:

“Anna was inspired by a friend of mine of the same name. It explores the idea of being with someone who is a friend, whom you’ve never gone any further with. It is a cheeky, riff-based track that follows the narrative of when I first met Anna and my internal monologue. I first started working on this song solely with Ryan, as I had a few ideas for the drums, but I wasn’t sure of them. Ryan then came up with his parts by jamming along with my guitar. Once we brought it to the bandit developed very quickly as we all had a sense of where it needed to go. It’s probably our heaviest songs and a favourite to play live.”

The layers of progression throughout the song will have you reaching for the repeat button in no time. With The Great Leslie playing a complex track with such ease, speaks volumes of their confidence and skill with music.

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