MAXINE Releases ‘Minor Felt Major’

MAXINE has released her brand new debut DP ‘Minor Felt Major’. The collection is available to listen to on Spotify!

MAXINE is a Dutch singer song writer, inspired by the likes of Zara Larsson, Julia Michaels and Astrid S. Before writing for herself, she was successful with writing huge hits for other artists accumulating more than two million streams.

From the quirky fun to her most personal moments, MAXINE has put her all into the new release as fans see her in a different light. It feels more like a journey than an EP, as she bears all when showing her vulnerabilities.

The pop princess has made an incredible introduction to the tracks with ‘Help Myself’. Combining the classic pop sound and putting her quirky spin on the track, it certainly sets up what is in-store for the rest of the EP.

A couple of tracks later, we have ‘Paint It Red’. Explaining a how important a relationship with your first love can be, it’s a great track to reflect on the past. At a young age, it can be difficult to realise that you’re too young for such a commitment.

‘I Like U, But I Love Me’ is a classic tune bringing 90’s diva vibes to the sound. The song is about acknowledging that someone can think the works of you, but if it’s not reciprocated the nature thing to do is let them move on.

Closing the EP is ‘Strange’, portraying a perfect round up of the collection. The slow melody combined with the soft vocals from MAXINE are a lullaby-like vibe, and an incredible end to one of the best EP’s of the year.

When discussing her love for songwriting, MAXINE said:

“I always wanted to be a singer in the first place. When I went to high school music, we were also taught how to compose songs. I liked the whole creative process right away. You start with an idea, you record it, and in the end, you have a complete song. I soon knew this is what I wanted to continue with.”

The title ‘Minor felt Major’ comes from her passion and experience with words, and making them rhyme. Her work has been described as emotional and personal pop, which is a genre that is becoming more and more popular each day.

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