The Gulps Drop New Single ‘Stuck In The City’

Punk/rock group, The Gulps, have recently unveiled their fantastic new single titled “Stuck In The City.” The track is now available everywhere on all major streaming platforms!

The sound of “Stuck In The City” creates an energy like no other. It’s one of those songs where you can physically feel the beats travel all through your body. It’s perfect if you’re heading out on a run, or a good gym session. It’s a song that demands your attention. Once you press play, it practically commands you to continue. But that’s okay, because it is one hell of a banger.

When talking about the track, frontman and songwriter Harry All explains;

“These days we’re living I feel society is falling on a deep clean sweep without getting us in torture labs. Our today’s torture labs are advertisement, consuming, social media… Becoming a sleepy society, advocated to consume drugs, to get likes, to buy online, everyday we see how mental health becomes a bigger issue in our daily lives.
Society is controlled and directed through consuming messages. The idea of your life and the continuous bombarding with advertisement, that sells you empty stimulus of happiness. That’s how we create our own shock or tramp these days. When that disappears the loneliness comes and we become a vulnerable clean sweep society. That’s Stuck in the City, it shows how a person feels in such an aggressive economic and inequality system.”

Songs can be used to creatively send a message out into the world. That’s what is so powerful about music. With “Stuck In The City,” The Gulps have been able to express their societal worries through their incredible lyricism and instrumentation. Whilst that sounds rather serious, it also has that entertainment factor that we all need when listening to a good song. It’s everything you want on your playlist.

The Gulps have spent the past 18 months writing and rehearsing new material in their shared apartment in Camden. COVID-19 may have had a bad effect on the creative industry in more ways than one, but the band have used that time to create some magic. Now the world is slowly heading back to normal, they can emerge from their apartment and share the music they have created wit the outside world.

They are expected to release more music in the coming months, so be sure to follow The Gulps on Facebook and Twitter.

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