Avery Lynch Shares EP ‘When It Ends’

Avery Lynch has released her new EP ‘When It Ends’. The collection is available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

As young as the age of 8, Avery has been writing her own material. Originally from Pennsylvania, the singer songwriter has always found comfort in sharing her art form to handle emotions and growing up.

The EP starts strong with ‘Sh*t People’, and really sets the scene for the collection of songs in general. Expressing how frustrating it is to be surrounded by people who don’t support you, we can imagine a lot of listeners can relate to this.

A couple of track later we have the gorgeous ‘Round & Round’. With Avery’s angelic vocals, this ballad shows off every talent she has. A truly beautiful and heartbreaking track, that you’ll have on repeat for days!

Finishing the EP is ‘When It Ends’ ft. JORDY. An incredible end to a smashing collection of tracks. This one in particular is vulnerable, raw and emotional.

When discussing the new EP, Avery said:

“When It Ends is, in short, those three words. It’s those moments in life where you need to let go, say goodbye, and move on. Whether it’s recognizing that you’re stuck in a cycle of toxicity and complacency (‘Round & Round’) or that you’re a placeholder for someone else (‘Closest to That’). It’s not an EP born out of a specific experience, it’s born out of a place of collective empathy that I hold for everyone. We aren’t that different, we’ve all been there, sometimes it just takes a song or stranger to empower you to end it, to change it. “

Fans and listeners have grown to love the vulnerability from Avery and look forward to the future. The raw lyrics and brutal honesty in her vocals have people from all walks of life relate to her tracks.

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