PVRIS Unleash Personal Track ‘My Way’

PVRIS have recently revealed their brand-new single they have titled “My Way.” The track is now available on all major streaming platforms via Warner Records/Reprise Records.

“My Way” is one for those alternative lovers. PVRIS have a way of expressing their stories through chantable lyrics and catchy synths. Their unique sound has quite the addictive element to it and this new single is no exception to the rule. You can just picture crowd of people at a gig, arms in the air, screaming the lyrics right back at them. It creates an atmosphere that is simply perfect for the stage.

When talking about the song, Lynn Gunn – frontwoman of PVRIS – explains;

‘My Way’ is a song about accepting and embracing the trials and tribulations of the past, present, and future. It’s about facing the pain, loss, hard times, and hard decisions while finding empowerment and humility (and a sprinkle of humour) through it all. Life always pushes us toward great change and growth. When we stop fighting it and flow with it, we offer ourselves, and others, so much more. Whatever way it takes us, our paths are all so uniquely our own. You have your way and I have my way.”

Alongside the release, they also dropped a fantastic music video which brings the song to life. The video is now available to view on YouTube below!

“My Way” follows their previous release “Monster” and their third studio album “Use Me” which was dropped last year. The album began a new era as Lynn stepped forward as PVRIS’ leader. After the release of the album, they received high praise from some of the biggest media outlets. Lynn has shaped this new chapter as she wrote, played guitar, drums, and bass parts, put all the beats together, and of course, sang vocals. Quite the challenge to take on, but fans and music lovers were impressed and far from disappointed.

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