Danielle Lewis Releases Video for ‘Slow, Sad and Real’

Danielle Lewis has released spell binding new visuals for her track ‘Slow, Sad and Real’ in phenomenal new music video.

Danielle Lewis has had a string of success and the future shows no chance of slowing her down. With one of the most unique voices and sounds on the scene, Danielle has released an incredible new music video, showing fans a glimpse of the vibe for her album ‘Dreaming In Slow Motion’ out later this year.

From the very beginning, we are hit with the sense of isolation and feeling alone. The almost trippy effects work hand in hand with the ethereal vocals that we’ve grown to love from Danielle. With a splash of colour and numerous closeups, viewers will truly appreciate the aesthetic of the video.

The video was captured by acclaimed videographer, Mark James Works.

When discussing the new music video, Danielle said:

“It was really special creating the visuals for the album with Mark James Works. I’ve always admired his unique vision and drive to create the extraordinary. Mark somehow manages to beautifully bring the artwork to life as we carry the same theme across with the white infinity, swirling colours and casting shadows. I love how the visuals just melt into the music with almost a gothic and psychedelic edge.”

The video really captures the sound of the new upcoming album, ‘Dreaming In Slow Motion’. The collection is due to be released on 19th November 2021. The album has been produced by Secondson, who has mingled illusionary and languid melodies to suit the flutter of Danielle’s vocals. You can find the track list here:

1. A Woman Like You
2. Dreaming In Slow Motion
3. My Youth

4. Flower
5. In My Sleep
6. Slow Sad And Real
7. Temporary
8. Life of Worth
9. Let Me Imagine
10. Help Me

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