Danielle Lewis Releases ‘My Youth’

Danielle Lewis has returned with her stunning new single ‘My Youth’. You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms!

Originally from the West coast of Wales, Danielle Lewis has the ability to combine saintly vocals and ethereal folk. Her song writing is unfiltered and she’s not afraid to speak her truth through her music.

Back in 2018, Danielle released her EP named ‘Live Forever’. Its’ unique sound began to attract attention from a wider audience, including Cian Ciaran, who offered to remix its’ title track. She then returned in 2019, and released single ‘A Woman Like You’, an empowering track with dreamy pop vibes.

Unable to play live shows in 2020 due to the pandemic, she took the opportunity to release two new songs, ‘Life of Worth’ and ‘Flower’.

When discussing the new track, Danielle said:

”My Youth’ was written from a sense of feeling adrift and floating through life, particularly in my younger years.’ The lyrics touch upon accepting a part of my youth and allowing the waves of emotion to flow through without judgement.’

The new release has been a great way for Danielle to show off her breezy vocals. The transcendence of the backing track will take you to a world of memories and reminiscing. She has communicated the feeling of growing up and the range of emotions that come with getting older perfectly.

‘My Youth’ was written by Danielle Lewis and produced by Secondson, who, in addition, put his efforts towards the piano, guitar, percussion and vibraphone. The hit single also includes drums played by Lauren Morgan, and TJ Roberts on both acoustic and electric guitar. ‘My Youth’ was recorded at Sail Loft Studios (Cardiff).

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