Zoe Zobrist Embraces Motherhood With ‘Oh Baby’

Zoe Zobrist has released her new track ‘Oh Baby’, acknowledging the joys of motherhood. You can listen to it on major streaming platforms!

Zoe is currently pregnant with her first child, and made the decision to write ‘Oh Baby’ as a letter to her unborn child. With an acoustic vibe, Zoe sings the hopes and dreams she has for them.

Feeling overwhelmed with love and emotion, Zoe channeled these feelings into song. Considering the nature of the track, Zoe has fans mesmerised with a discrete vulnerable side she has never shown before.

The track feels incredibly nourished from the very beginning. Zoe’s peaceful vocals clearly hint to her emotion at this exciting time with a soft approach. The track is a truly a powerful introduction to parenthood, many listeners either know from experience or yearn to feel themselves.

When discussing the track, Zoe said:

“Parenthood is a massive transition for anyone; it’s a huge new chapter to open. Nothing will ever be the same but it’s so beautiful to grow into this new version of yourself. Knowing that you have the opportunity to take all the lessons you’ve learned and make a new little human’s world better is so powerful. Whether you have children on earth or waiting on the other side, are expecting or hope to someday, or feel love for the people who brought you this life, I hope this song can be close to your heart.”

Zoe’s career has gone from strength to strength since her debut single in 2018. Since then, she has had incredible support from big names such as FLAUNT, Culture Collide and Under The Radar Magazine.

She has also toured across multiple locations throughout North America, performing in high profile venues such as The Viper Room and Dallas Fort Worth’s Six Flags Amphitheater.

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