Scott Von Ryper Releases ‘Over And Over’

Scott Von Ryper has released his latest banger ‘Over And Over’. The track is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Originally from Australia, Scott is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist. Throughout his time in the music industry, he cofounded the duo The Black Ryder along with Aimee Nash, and has supported for huge names such as The Jesus and Mary Chain.

With an acoustic entrance, the song begins with a fabulous introduction. It’s really the kind of track that fills you with dread in a great and powerful way, complete with the incredible vocals of Scott. With a longing to be happy and to have a friend to trust in, the lyrics describe this feeling perfectly, many listeners of which relate with experience.

When discussing the track, Scott said:

When writing songs, sometimes I decide what I want to write about and then sit down and start to sketch lyric ideas out. For ‘Over & Over’ the opposite happened. Certain words just arrived as I was singing the melody early on; words that become so attached to the melody, that finding what those words meant to me, later on, was the work in finishing it. I just had the first line for a long time ‘And the weight, it hangs on my shoulder, it comes over and over, like a setting sun’. The weight could have been many things at the time I wrote it, but when it came time to finish the lyrics a few years later, subsequent life events led me to the purpose of the song.”

Scott Von Ryper’s upcoming album ‘Dream Stare Treasure’ is due to be released on 15th October, via tran-si-ent records and Silver Door Music. It will be available to purchase on vinyl and all major streaming platforms.

‘Dream State Treasure’ was mixed and recorded between 2018 and 2021 in Scott’s home studio. Playing most of the instruments and producing his own material, he utilised time between tour and self isolation to create the expected masterpiece.

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