Mexican Dogs Release EP ‘You & I’

Mexican Dogs have released their incredible new debut single, ‘You & I’. It is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

With their very first single, Mexican Dogs have certainly thrashed into the music scene with their unique sound. With an electrifying energy combining rock sounds of old and new, a new era of the genre is certainly upon us.

The song has a perfectly timed collision of instruments, making it unbelievable to listeners that this is their first single. The vocals from Gaz Wilcox are hard hitting yet vulnerable at the same time, displaying a quality of tones throughout the track.

As well as the debut single, accompanies a brand new music video too. The black and white effect captures the band in their purest form, performing to their hearts content and jamming like there’s no tomorrow. The video has the perfect blend of live action shots, and a steady summers breeze on the beach. This is a truly gorgeous viewing for all moods. You can watch it here:

When discussing the track, front man Gaz Wilcox said:

“We had the idea of this song with a vision of it connecting with a big audience at shows, bringing people together. While a lot of our tracks have a faster/heavier approach, this one holds back on the pace that we think creates a groove that should transcend through all ages and music lovers.”

The new track ‘You & I’ is a great taste of what’s to come for Mexican Dogs, who have plans to release a 4 track EP in November later this year. This will be released by Frestsore Records, as a band camp exclusive on CD and vinyl. Global digital release will follow!

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