MUSIC REWIND: Busted – ‘Busted’ vs. ‘Half Way There’

Whether you remember your classmates skidding at school discos’ or followed Busted after their reunion, we all have a favourite era.

Today we look over the bands’ most relatable releases and album tracks, in total spanning a timeframe of over 15 years. Busted made their first release of ‘What I Go To School For’ all the way back in 2002, and their debut album shortly followed. Take a step back in time with us as we look over their self-titled album, ‘Busted’!

‘Britney’ was an open love-letter to pop queen legend, Britney Spears. Describing the lust for someone and wanting to know them personally, James Matt and Charlie vocalise the hardships of not being able to escape the constant reminder of seeing Britney everywhere they go. It’s a really fun track with injected song titles of Britneys’ work, with the line ‘you say that you’re not a girl but I’ll make you a woman’.

‘Psycho Girl’ has a slower melody and passionate vocals from the band. Being in a relationship with someone who you struggle to communicate with can be difficult, especially when they can’t see where you’re coming from. This song tells us all about the pain of being in love with another person, but struggling to see how the relationship will work when they can’t converse easily.

‘Sleeping With The Light On’ brought us another side of Busted with its’ single release. With a more laid back vibe, this was the first look at real heartbreak from the boys. With the hope of a loved one coming home when reality tells you it’s unlikely, the lyrics go over how difficult it can be to move on.

After a hiatus that felt like a life time, Busted reformed in 2016 with a more grown-up sound. Their last release ‘Half Way There’ had some real bangers’, here are some fan favourites.

‘Nineties’ is the opening track, which was a real treat for their young fan-base who supported them back when it all started. The song is a homage to their childhood, with several references and familiarities. It has really helped listeners gage with the on-going changes of the world whilst also reflecting on their own up bringing.

‘What Happened to Your Band’ comes from the question that was often asked to the band members since their split. James Bourne suggested that there was a woman in his local Tescos’ that would often ask the question, influencing the track to be written many moons ago.

‘All My Friends’ is an acoustic track that really shows of the vocals and instrument playing of Busted. This sweet tune depicts the feeling of growing up and how overwhelming this can feel. It can be a tough place to be when everyone around you is moving on.

Busted will continue to be known for their cheesy pop tunes as well as their more matured sound. This combination of genres is tough for any musician, yet they have managed their music perfectly.

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