The Summer Set Return With New Anthem ‘Street Lightening’

The Summer Set have recently shocked their fans by releasing an absolute banger of a song titled “Street Lightening.” The track is now available to listen to everywhere via all major streaming platforms!

Five, long years ago, The Summer Set put out the announcement that they were to disband, a year after releasing their last album “Stories For Monday.” Fans were understandably left devastated but never gave up hope that they would eventually return. Hope is a powerful thing as the band have announced that they are once again back together and have dropped an anthem of a song. “Street Lightening” demonstrates their signature sound that we have all missed so dearly. Weirdly, it was like they never left. It’s ridiculously catchy, addictive, and you’ll break that repeat button because you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Across their socials, they have been explaining that late last year they did not plan to join forces once more. However, after to being in a creativity slump, member Stephen Gomez found himself listening to an old song of theirs called “Jean Jacket.” He then later texted leading man Brian Logan Dales complimenting him on his storytelling skills as he felt a deep connection to the song that he was listening to. Brian then sent him a song that he was working on and Stephen added his talents to it, before later getting other members Jess Bowen and John Gomez to add more guitar, vocals and drums to the track. Thus, “Street Lightening” was born. Fate is a strong word, but it seems relevant to use it here. The band were just always meant to make music together.

Drummer Jess Bowen has also recently announced that she had the pleasure of being featured on a new Netflix documentary “Count me In.” The documentary sees a list of talented, famous drummers discussing their rhythmic journeys, and how music can form such a strong human connection. Definitely one to add to your watch list is you’re a music fan.

“Street Lightening” is just the beginning of the next chapter. Fans are ecstatic to see where this story will go. To keep up to date, be sure to follow The Summer Set on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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