Free Guy Launches Into UK Cinemas!

The new Ryan Reynolds comedy Free Guy is now available to watch in UK Cinemas. With an incredibly creative storyline, this is a must watch!

‘Free Guy’ features Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who is an NPC (non playable character). He’s the kind of character in a game that you see everywhere, but aren’t able to play and have limited interactions with. However, Guy seems to have his own emotions and thought process – could he really be the first Artifical Intelligence?

Keys (Joe Keery) and Millie (Jody Comer) are previous work partners who helped create their own virtual world to share with players. However, their game was more about watching NPC’s grow and interact with each other rather than controlling their characters. The perfect casting is topped of with Antoine (Taika Waititi), the money making machine who’s game Guy is trapped in.

With Keys and Millie going their separate ways after several disagreements, Millie is fighting to find their code within the game. This would prove that Antoine did this without their permission, proving that he is the villain that viewers depict him to be.

Keys is now working for Antoine, and confirms to Millie that he is unable to help uncover this revelation… But will be change his mind once their code becomes more and more apparent in the game?

If you’re looking for a new family favourite film, this really is the one for you. You don’t have to be a gamer to understand and appreciate the masterpiece, any jargon is explained within the film in an easy to understand way. The pure vibe of the film is ‘The Truman Show’, mixed with ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’. A combination you never knew you needed until now!

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