Dave Hause Announces Album ‘Blood Harmony’

Dave Hause has announced the stunning release of his thoughtful upcoming album ‘Blood Harmony’, due to be released on 22nd October.

The new album covers a range of emotions and topics, from family life and fatherhood to the life of a musician. The collection was written by Dave and his brother, Tim Hause, over a series of Zoom sessions beginning in January 2021. The two had worked together to write songs since 2017 with their track ‘Bury Me In Philly’, so were already on the same page.

Inspired by his twins born in 2019, the album title ‘Blood Harmony’ describes the specific sound of two siblings when singing together. With Dave’s own children and the compilated work from Tim for the release, there’s a real family feel hidden within its’ title.

One track that fans are buzzing for is ‘Sandy Sheets’ that has already been released on YouTube and Rolling Stone Country. The upbeat track with the perfect clash of instrumental timing, is uplifted by the subtle lyrics and powerful vocals. This track has really geared up the album , and sets the release up perfectly.

When discussing the album, Dave said:

“I thought ‘Blood Harmony’ was a great title, and it’s really specific to how Tim and I have decided to work over the years. It also pertains to my children because they’ll have their own Blood Harmony. So the germ of the album, the beating heart, is that I’m in a true family. I have a grounded reason to work and a bunch of people that I want to make proud with the work that we do. It’s a family business.”

‘Blood Harmony’ was produced by singer-songwriter Will Hoge. Several acclaimed musicians are featured within the tracks, such as member of The E Street Band, and musicians known for working with incredible acts such as Sheryl Crow Carrie Underwood and Eric Church, to name a few!

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