Alice Longyu Gao Remixes John-Robert’s ‘Move It To The Side’

Alice Longyu Gao has recently remixed John-Robert’s fantastic track “Move It To The Side.” The remix is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

The original version of “Move It To The Side” has a stunning flow to it that is highly addictive. It’s one of the songs where you can pretend to be in a music video when you’re driving home from somewhere, (don’t lie to yourself. We’ve all done it. Embrace it). Alice Longyu Gao’s remix takes the track on a whole new level, making it more upbeat and will make you get up off your feet and have a bit of a dance. Instead of chilling to track on a road trip, you can now jam to it in a nightclub. Alice was able to put her own spin on the fan-favourite by adding  her recognizable, exaggerated pop lyricism. The result showcases her original flamboyant style.

When talking about the remix, John-Robert explains;

“As a musician it’s inspiring when you subconsciously have a formula for your writing process and then an artist comes along and breaks every one of those rules in a fresh and exciting way. I admire Alice because she’s a smart, self-assured badass, unapologetic with her production, lyrics, visuals, thoughts and art. I’m eternally grateful that she has blessed me with this version of ‘Move It To The Side.’”

Alice Longyu Gao adds;

“I am usually the dumb bitch. It takes me a second to fancy someone and it takes me forever to stop trying to get them to like me. So I was really visioning myself being a bad gal in this remix — calling him the ‘emotional one,’ cuz I met a lot of heterosexual white bros who love to gaslight and guilt trip women, when in fact they are just too insecure to care. I am balling with my cash, having fun and ghost his text, visioning him being all upset. This remix is my revenge. I chopped John-Robert’s original vocals in a hard-core way so the remix shares a new perspective. Also, it won’t be an “Alice Longyu Gao” piece of music if the beat doesn’t switch like 100 times. So yea this remix will drive you crazy on the dance floor.”

It’s a collaboration that you wouldn’t think would work as well as it does. Alice and John-Robert have proven that opposites do attract. And now, you have two versions of the song that you can enjoy depending on the mood that you are in. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Both artists started music at a young age. John-Robert was invited out to Los Angeles by mega-producer Ricky Reed at the age of sixteen. Now at aged twenty, he is now signed  to Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company and Warner Records to help him build on his career. Alice took a big chance at the age of seventeen by moving to America alone to pursue her career in music. As a pop artist, she aims to make a positive social change through her music. Going even beyond that, she is also an activist for human rights with a longstanding track record of work supporting issues focusing on LGBTQ+ justice, eating disorder recovery, sustainability in fashion and food, and public-funded art education for underprivileged minority groups. In short, they are both artists you need to keep your eye on.

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