Anja Ngozi and Byulah Team Up for ‘B Brave’

Artwork by Annie Tobin

Byulah and Anja Ngozi have recently joined forces to create their wonderful R&B single “B Brave.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

Anja Ngozi is one-third of an all female creative collective DJ crew “Creole Cuts.” The London-based trio celebrate their Caribbean heritage, and embrace the sounds of Africa and the diaspora, whilst also always embodying radical black joy. Anja is also the co-founder of “Sibin” – a creative collective where she creates experimental beats with her fellow DJ and musician Maxwell Owin. Whilst always being an activist of her community, she never stops, and has many achievements on her belt. She has now partnered up with South-East London  singer, multi-instrumentalist and writer Byulah for an fantastic collaboration. The pair have created a stunning single for all the R&B fans to enjoy.

“B Brave” is a smooth track that will have you enticed almost immediately. The two artists use their talents in perfect harmony in order to create a masterpiece. Anja Ngozi and Byulah met at the We Out Here festival. It was a collaboration that was meant to be. When talking about working together, Anja explains;

“The first session came about very organically but it instantly felt easy to get into a groove and work together. I’d just started producing and had not really done many collabs or worked with vocalists before, so it was good to have such a positive experience early on.” 

Byulah adds;

“I was looking to push my art further and was blown away by her DJ sets and her trippy music starting to emerge from ‘Síbín’. Our first session was magical, she’s the first female producer I’ve worked with and I remember leaving feeling so in sync; when the energy is right the music just pours out.”

The two artists are both incredible with their chosen craft, but their styles are very different. In this case, opposites most certainly attract. Before coming together to join forces, Anja put together an instrumental last summer. She explains;

“It ended up becoming something quite soothing and meditative in tone, cos that was where my headspace was at the time. Then we did a session in September and the vocals were pretty much done in the first take. After that we sent a few things back and forth remotely, as it wasn’t always possible to meet up for in person sessions.”

If you haven’t heard “B Brave” yet, then you need to get on that right at this very moment! It’s a collaboration that is most certainly worth your time. Be sure to keep up to date with both Anja Ngozi and Byulah via their socials below;

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Anja Nogozi – Facebook

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