Sugarcane Release Single ‘Blondes (Have More Fun)

Sugarcane have released their fun new single, ‘Blondes (Have More Fun)’. The track is available to listen to on Spotify!

Sugarcane is the creation from the mind of Robin French. His former band, ‘Mr Hudson & The Library’ played on Jools Holland and toured wi5tth Amy Winehouse! Robin is also known as a successful playwriter and screenwriter, writing the BBC sitcom ‘Cuckoo’ for five seasons, and having plays produced by The National, RSC, and The Royal Court.

Released back on 28th May 2021, Sugarcane have thrilled fans with their fun and colourful new release. Combining the sounds of British song writing and Samba rhythms, ‘Blondes (Have More Fun) is a genuinely fun, summer track.

The song flows with the energetic backing track and burst off instruments. Taking listeners back to the summer of 1978, the melody is taken from and inspired by Jorge Ben’s hit ‘Taj Mahal’. Known for their juxtaposed words, the lyrics marry together joy and anger, sorrow and celebration, complimenting its’ own bittersweet taste.

The single is also accompanied by a new music video by Sugarcane. The song is incredibly well suited with the video, absolutely bursting with colour and good times. You can watch it here:

Excitingly, Sugarcane are set to release new material in the up and coming months, leading up to their release of their debut album ‘Cat’s Eyes’ in July 2021. Produced by Raphael Mann,
it features Robin on vocals, guitars, keyboards, cavaquinho and cello. There’s also
Xande Oliviera on drums and percussion, Siân Herbert rocking the steel pan, flute and BVs, Claire
Niesyto-Bame on Percussion and BVs, Klaus Stahr on double bass and Antonia Thomas helping with vocals.

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