Tyler Farr Drops Powerful Single ‘Cover Girl’

Credit: Jeff Johnson

Country artist Tyler Farr has been standing up against domestic violence in his new single “Cover Girl.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Cover Girl” is an incredibly moving single that aims to shine a light on on the traumatising issue of domestic violence that affects many people around the world. The track was written by Tyler alongside Blake Bollinger and Ben Stennis. Together, they have successfully used their craft to take a stand for anyone caught in an abusive situation. It delivers an empowering message that everyone needs to take time to hear. A hard-hitting music video was also released which perfectly captures the message that the singer is trying to put out. The video is now available to watch via Youtube below;

When talking about the single, Tyler Farr explains;

“I wrote down the title ‘Cover Girl’ about five years ago when I was in the Atlanta airport reading a magazine and saw an advertisement. Didn’t think anything of it, simply thought it was a cool idea for a song,” says Farr. “Me and a couple of buddies (Ben Stennis & Blake Bollinger) were writing in my garage on this particular day and started playing around with ideas that might fit that title. Once we got going the lyrics just came pouring out and we ended up with something bigger than expected. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people or folks may know someone in this situation and not everyone knows how to talk about it. That’s what I hope this song does – helps someone through whatever it is they are going through. Not all scars are physical ones and we don’t always know what’s happening in someone else’s life. Maybe this song can be some comfort and help.”

The track showcases Tyler’s wonderful talent for story-telling. Each lyric has a powerful meaning that is well thought out. Pair this extraordinary songwriting with his unique, gritty vocals, and a masterpiece is born. He hopes that his song will reach those that need to hear it – to those who may feel ashamed and alone in their current situation. He wishes for them to seek comfort and he hopes that “Cover Girl” will provide that.

“Cover Girl” is an absolute must listen to by everyone. There is no doubt that we will be hearing more of Tyler Farr in the coming months so be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates!

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