Karen Harding Releases ‘I Didn’t Realise’

Today (7th of May), Karen Harding releases her brand-new single ‘I Didn’t Realise’. The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

From Melbourne Australia, Karen Harding crafts her own music and oozes with talent. Complete with heartfelt melodies and inspirational lyrics, she draws from her own experiences in order to guide listeners into their own happiness. If you’re looking to do some soul searching, ‘I Didn’t Realise’ is a must-listen.

Specialising in helping others move forward and away from their insecurities, Karen has created quite a following. She is drawn to the happiness of her followers, and creates music to become their authentic selves.

‘I Didn’t Realise’ talks about the struggle of a painful breakup, and is so intimately sounding that it will feel like you are familiar with Karen’s relationship first hand. The healing process after a break up has several different factors and emotions, and the song itself captures each of these perfectly. Reflecting on the relationships good and not-so-good points, as well as trying to focus on the future is a feeling that you may have experienced. If you need some guidance with this in order to move on, you might want to check out Karen’s back catalogue.

With the piano that Karen played as she was growing up, the passionate track was written in the peak of the pandemic. With the chords already in mind, the lyrics flowed and came to her naturally. Writing music as a hobby as well as a career, the song was never intended on being a record. However, with it’s brutal honesty and beautiful melody, a decision was made for the track to be released.

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