REVIEWTYSON Unveils Debut EP ‘Pisces Problems’


Rising star TYSON has recently dropped her wonderful debut EP “Pisces Problems.” The EP is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

The drop of “Pisces Problems” follows the success of singles “Red Handed” and “Tuesday.” “Tuesday” can be seen as a post-lockdown summer anthem – perfect for blasting out on your speakers whilst hanging out with friends. A music video, which was directed by BAFTA-nominated¬†Akinola Davies can be viewed below;

“Red Handed” is a highly relatable banger that tells a cautionary tale of a scolded lover. These singles recieved great success, but left music lovers craving for more. Now, we are blessed with a stunning, 5-track EP that will blow your mind! It starts with the tracks that many have already fallen in love with. But, we also get to hear three, unheard songs – and they are an absolute treat!

Following “Red Handed” and “Tuesday,” a track called “White” takes centre stage. TYSON has an iconic, note-worthy voice that instantly gets you hooked. The raspiness of this track is simply magnificent. If you’re a fan of the R&B genre, then this is the song for you. It has that classic sound that music fanatics look for in a beautiful R&B number.

Up next is the title track “Pieces Problems.” Here we hear the singers’ natural talents once again. You will be swaying in your seats from start to finish. The EP ends on a high with “Chemicals.” This soft, soothing track ends these collection of songs on a relaxed tone. Let TYSON transport into escapism with the enchanting song.

“Pieces Problems” was produced by Oscar Scheller, a childhood friend of TYSON’S who has worked with some of the greatest singers on todays music scene including Miraa May, Lily Allen, Ashnikko. Together, the pair were able to create a stunning masterpiece that deserves to be heard by everyone!

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