Will Young Announces New Album, Single, and Tour!

Will Young has recently released his latest single “Daniel” – a Bat For Lashes cover. The music video for the track can now be viewed via YouTube below;

Activist, author, singer, songwriter, Radio Presenter, DJ and performer, Will Young, has been treating his fans to an incredible string of announcements. “Daniel” is a beautiful cover track that is paired with a haunting, yet stunning music video that truly captivates the eeriness of the sound. It’s the first single to be released that is taken off of Will’s new album “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” – which is due to be released on the 6th of August.

The new album sees covers of the singers favourite songs for us all to enjoy. You will experience re-imagined versions from the likes of Lykke Li, MUNA, Robyn, Solange, Sky Ferreira and more. It follows the success of his Number 2 charting album “Lexicon” – which was released back in 2017. When talking about “Crying On The Bathroom Floor,” Will Young explains;

“I’ve always enjoyed singing other people’s songs. There is a liberation to it. It’s how I feel when I approach a script. I have reverence for the piece of art and the artist who created it. After 18 years of recording and performing a lot of original material, I loved the idea of creating an album that celebrates some of the modern female artists I so admire in pop. In today’s times it’s so much easier and accepted to occupy other genders, ideas and explore new avenues. I wanted to understand what it might be like to sing their lyrics;  a song about a boy called Daniel; crying on the bathroom floor, feeling like Elizabeth Taylor. This is not a covers album as such, well certainly not in the standard way. I wanted to bring songs from female artists who I admire into a new arena. I wanted to work with Richard X again and create a true pop record.”

Will has recently released his book “To Be A Gay Man” through Penguin Books. Here, he opens up a discussion about being a gay man; the shame one feels, the impact it had on his own life, how he learned to deal with it, and how he can now say he is gay, happy and comfortable with who he is. A story that will inspire many. The paperback version of the book will be out on the 29th of April, and available to pre-order here.

Now, if all this talk about new releases isn’t enough, Will Young has also announced that he will be going on tour this September! To all the fans that pre-order the album, they will be allowed access to ticket pre-sale on Wednesday the 28th of April! Be sure to visit his website for more information, and to pre-order. Tour dates, and the track listing for “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” can be found below;

2021 Tour dates:

Wednesday 1st September – Glee Club, Cardiff

Thursday 2nd September – St Luke’s, Glasgow

Sunday 5th September– City Varieties, Leeds 

Monday 6th September – Earth, London

Tuesday 7th September – Earth,  London 

Wednesday 8th September – Glee Club, Birmingham 

Crying On The Bathroom Floor track listing:

1. Daniel (original by  Bat For Lashes)

2. Crying On The Bathroom Floor (original by MUNA)

3. Till There’s Nothing Left (original by Cam)

4. Indestructible (original by Robyn)

5. Strong (original by London Grammar)

6. I Follow Rivers (original by Lykke Li)

7.  Everything Is Embarrassing (original by Sky Ferreira)

8.  Losing You (original by Solange)

9. Missing (original by Everything But The Girl)

10. Elizabeth Taylor (original by Clare Maguire)

Who knows what fantastic news Will will announce next. Be sure to follow his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you don’t miss out on anything!

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