Tenacity Release Peaceful Track ‘Wish’

Today (21st April), Tenacity have thrilled fans with new release ‘Wish’. The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Consisting of Ula Wodarz, Tim Burghaus, Daniel Lazenby and Simba Janhu, the group from London have impressed listeners once again with this fantastic new release. With a mind blowing combination of Rock Framework and forward thinking pop, Tenacity have accrued an impressive following and fanbase over the last three years.

Never losing site of what they love, the group have continued to put their efforts into new material in spite of the pandemic. Now finishing their first ever LP, ‘Wish’ is released at an exciting period of excitement and change for the band. Working together to create the incredibly beautiful track, Tenacity have really thought about what their listeners might need right now and have portrayed this in the new release. Each individual plays their own part, and this really is a powerful example of working collaboratively to make some gorgeous sounding art.

With a lullaby style sound, ‘Wish’ feels like a dream escape from reality. The vocals showcase a more vulnerable sound, blended with minimal piano and Tenacity style electronics. The overall sound feels incredibly delicate, and brings a sense of safety. If you’re looking to clock out of the real world for a few minutes and keep site of what matters, this is certainly the track for you. The lyric video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

Ula Wodarz’s soft yet powerful vocals, and graceful piano playing is at the forefront of the track. With a build up throughout the song, listeners are thrilled to have a more hopeful outlook on the world through the sound of music. With Dan on guitar and the flowing drum lines from Simba, every instrument tells its own tale throughout the song.

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