Matthew Joseph Drops New Pop Anthem ‘Under The Collar’

Upcoming pop artist, Matthew Joseph, has recently released his brand-new bop titled “Under The Collar.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Under My Collar” is an extremely catchy track that Matthew wrote alongside another talented artist George Pelham. The song brings out the singers’ fun side. You can physically hear his character and personality within every beat and every lyric sung. It’s bouncy. It’s fresh. And it’s perfect for the summer. You can picture yourself sitting on a field on a hot day, with a drink and good company, chilling to this fantastic pop track. It sure does put you in the best of moods after listening.

When talking about “Under My Collar,” Matthew Joseph explains;

“The lyrics are totally tongue-in-cheek and bring a much needed light-hearted bit of fun in these times. This latest sexy-summer track is what we are all definitely needing right now in Lockdown 3.0.”

Matthew is from North Wales and was originally on the X-Factor. However, he decided that this wasn’t the way he wanted to become known so went out to find his path on his own. Since then, he is gradually building up a name for himself with 50k streams on Spotify, and achieving viral success on TikTok.

Not only is he a talented musician, but he also likes to use his platforms to help make a difference in the world. He has helped fund for the NHS, and continually supports LGBTQ and other minority groups. His single “Gravity” collected money in order o help with the Australian bush fires. 20% of the profits made from “Under The Collar” will be going towards MIND, a mental health charity.

Matthew Joseph is an artist that you should have a lot of time for. Not only because his music is great, but also because he does his bit to help out in the world. Something that should be respected. For future updates on what the singer is up to, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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