Callie Reiff Shares ‘Crash Into Me’ ft. Madison Daniel

Rising star, Callie Reiff, has recently dropped her brand-new single “Crash Into Me” – which features the wonderful Madison Daniel. The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

The New York based artist and producer started the year off strong by releasing “The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0” where she join forces with Lenii. Now, after only a few short months, she returns with yet another banger “Crash Into Me.” The track combines an indie sound with a club-like vibe, creating a perfect blend of emotional yet energetic production. It’s a song you can dance and cry to at the same time. Pair that with the flawless vocals from Madison Daniel, and the dream duo have orchestrated an absolute master piece.

When talking about the track, Callie Reiff says;

“’Crash Into Me’ is about wanting to let your guard down with someone and not hold back anymore… being who you are is enough for that person. Most importantly I wanted this song to make people feel strong. I want people to be able to dance to this one and feel really really good.”

Callie has accomplished so much since starting out her career in the music industry. She has made history by becoming the youngest DJ to perform at Webster Hall, opened for some of the biggest names in the industry including  Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, and more. Now, at the age of 21, she is ready to share her signature indie-pop and electric sound to as many people as possible.

She is now ready to reveal the next chapter in her music career. She will be taking over the dance music scene, and pushing herself more as a singer-songwriter, whilst also sticking to her DJ/producer roots. When talking about her future plans, she explains;

I’ve been producing since I was around 16 and been patient with trying different genres, sounds, ideas. I feel the most proud of the music that is yet to come out, it feels right and feels like what I’ve always wanted my music to sound like.”

With more new music on the way, you don’t want to miss anything. Be sure to follow Callie Reiff on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on future releases.

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