Emily Vu Shares New Single and Video ‘LILA

Photos by Raymond Alva

Songstress, Emily Vu, has recently dropped her brand-new single titled “LILA.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“LILA” is an absolutely stunning track that showcases Emily’s vocals beautifully. Her voice has a gentle tone that contrasts the beat of the bass and drum combination that can be heard throughout the song. The lyrics are relatable to anyone that listens to it, as it can be translated into whatever situation someone may be going through. Everything put together creates a wonderful track that you will want to listen to on repeat.

When talking about the single, Emily Vu explains;

“‘LILA’ is a song about the expectations and reality of being in LA. I specifically wrote about how love in LA basically seems impossible with all these distractions, but in general the song is meant to portray how distracting LA can be, and how anyone can get caught up in the lifestyle.”

The single was also released alongside a music video which perfectly captured the meaning behind the song. It is now available to view via YouTube below;

Emily started to show an interest in music from the young age of four. Now, at eighteen, she is a trained guitarist and pianist – both of which she started practicing from a very young age. It’s fair to say that her musical talents are ones that come naturally to her. Her first release,  “What Happened, Happened,” has amassed 7 million streams on Spotify, and she continues to grow a large following via TikTok where she has reached an astonishing 1.4 million followers!

The pop singer is bound to carry on wowing us with her insane talents. For more information and future updates, be sure to follow Emily Vu on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram!

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