Newcomer Ravive Releases Debut Single ‘Sahara’

American-pop songstress, Ravive, has recently dropped her wonderful debut single titled “Sahara.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

Written by Ravive and produced by Okan Kazdal, “Sahara” takes an alternative sound to a ghostly level. The spooky vibes will transport you to a whole different world. However, it still has that pop sound we all crave for in music. The combination is a hard one to pull of but, the singer has managed to create an incredible ghostly pop fusion.

When talking about the track, Ravive explains;

“‘Sahara’ was an experience. I wanted to really paint the visual of trudging through the desert, feeling exhausted, but still trying to make it home. Pop music has always been a euphoric, but sometimes heartbreaking sonic trip for me, so I wanted to create a song that could be that experience for someone else. “Sahara” captures an odd juxtaposition between mental exhaustion and finding sanctuary. Exploring those opposites melded into a synth fusion that I instantly fell for.”

Ravive’s goal that she wishes to achieve within her music is to write her own story of revitalisation. She has spent years working in the rock music industry – touring nationally with an alternative duo. Now, she is ready to branch off and embrace evolution, simplicity, eeriness, and reflection. Her sound is not like you hear from other artists and it’s a breath of fresh air. Her sound is unique in the best way possible.

We have no doubt that Ravive will continue to release music just as remarkable as this one, so be sure to follow her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates. She’s a singer that you have to keep your eye on!

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