Ben Haenow Covers ‘Sexual Healing’ for Compilation Album ‘Cafe Covers, Vol 2’

Ben Haenow has recently released his new cover of ‘Sexual Healing’. The track can be found on the incredible compilation album “Cafes Covers, Vol 2” – which is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

The passionate vocalist rose to fame after winning for X Factor in 2014. Since then, he has focused on several different releases and projects. Most recently, the cover for ‘Sexual Healing’ is part of a compilation album named ‘Cafe Covers, Vol 2’. The record features covers from all of your favourite artists including Nina Nesbitt, Janet Devlin and many more.

The song was one of the most famous tracks released in the 80’s, and has been a much talked about and played song since. How could an artist cover this, when we all know the original so well? Ben Haenow has succeeded in putting his own stamp on the classic and will have you wishing you heard it sooner.

When discussing the track, Ben explains:

“I’ve always loved Marvin Gaye and especially this track, so I really enjoyed working on a stripped back acoustic version for the new ‘Café Covers’ album. The mood on these albums is always a chilled vibe and though the lyrics to ‘Sexual Healing’ are pretty raunchy, I think they lent themselves well to a more vulnerable stripped back version. It’s always an honour to feature on cool compilation albums alongside so many other great artists. Thanks again to the guys at Double J Music for having me on the cut.”

The stripped back acoustic guitar mixed with the raspy vocals is an incredible combination that will have you hooked. These two factors with the sexual lyrics, really gives an intense, sexy vibe. This beautiful cover will have you reaching for the repeat button as soon as you press play.

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