REVIEW – Lucy Spraggan Releases New Album ‘Choices’

Lucy Spraggan has recently released her brand-new album ‘Choices’. The album is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

Remaining one of the most exciting and talented artists in the UK, Lucy Spraggan has released ‘Choices’, with songs inspired by some important milestones from the past twelve months. Becoming known on X Factor back in 2012 with a clearly unique style, Lucy has won over the love of a dedicated fanbase who continue to support her through her ups and downs.

2020 was an odd year for us all, however due to personal circumstance, Lucy reflected more than the average person. Embracing lockdown and focusing on her health, she was able to successfully lose three and a half stone through weight lifting, a healthy protein rich diet and running. She’s also now sober, all while dealing with a pending divorce.

Choices comes from a growing experience, and will give its’ listeners a motivated and mature sound. The album has a strong opening, with ‘Flowers’. The eerie melody will have you hooked from the beginning. The provocative nature of the lyrics was a great way for Lucy to explore a sexier side through her music.

You soon move on to one of Lucy’s more popular releases from the album, ‘Sober’. A very personal song from the collection, Lucy said:

“I wrote Sober in a matter of days after deciding to be sober. I wrote it with my friend Joe and I said to him ‘I think this is something that I’m going to do for the foreseeable [future] and wanted to put the reasons down in a song. I’ve met a lot of people I’ve met through sobriety, where some people are alcoholic, some people are just in a sober mood, some people just don’t drink, but a lot of people have said ‘that’s exactly how I’ve felt, I needed to improve myself and remove alcohol from that situation’. So it was a pretty deep song to write, to assess my entire life. [Having others relate to the song] makes me feel less alone in the way that I felt about my relationship with alcohol and in turn, for people to hear a song that hits the nail on the head for them too. I hope that does the same thing for them.”

A couple of songs later, we have ‘I Spent a Night in the Desert’. Inspired by a trip to Las Vegas, lying among the stars with friends in the middle of nowhere, this classic Spraggan-sounding classic was created. The song is about adventure, and appreciating the smaller things in life.

Straight after, we have ‘You’ve Let Yourself Down’. With one of the catchiest melodies you’d have heard recently, this is definitely a head bopper with relatable lyrics. The lyrics are about appreciating the good things in a person or relationship, and comparing this to reality in an attempt to meet in the middle.

Moving onto ‘Animal’, the track was inspired by Lucys’ love for Bollywood music, after finding her passion for the genre while working out. We’ve all heard phrases intended to offend someone whilst comparing them to an animal. This song is Lucy’s way of saying ‘I’ll be an animal if you want me to be an animal, but I won’t be a nice one’.

Finally, ‘Choices (Don’t Be Afraid)’ is the title track of the album. It’s all about being true to who you are and taking chances along the way. A message so important, that fans and listeners are likely to relate to in order to stay motivated. A role model for the LGBT community, Lucy has outdone herself in this personal track to help others through their journey.

Overall, you’ll be very impressed with ‘Choices’. With a long-term fanbase and new listeners every day, Lucy is very lucky to be able to share her creativity through music. There really is something for every mood.

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