Ava Kay Drops Atmospheric Single ‘Wild Again’

Canadian singer-songwriter Ava Kay has recently released her stunning new single “Wild Again.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Ava has had a rather successful career in terms of her songwriting talents. She has accumulated over 40 million streams across all streaming platforms in her career as a songwriter for other artists. She has worked with the likes of Grammy award-winning producer Afrojack, Britain’s Got Talent/Eurovision finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy and multi-platinum artists Raghav, ATB and Tyler Shaw. She has worked as a songwriter and composer not only in music but also with various TV and film projects including;  Disney, CBC and Hallmark, and original compositions for award winning films such as American Mary, Dr. Cabbie & The Door amongst others.

Whilst it is clear that she is extremely talented in her lyrics and the storytelling within them, the Toronto born singer is now ready to branch off on her own and show the world her incredible voice with her own material.

“Wild Again” is Ava’s debut single and it will instantly captivate you from the first note sung. The raw emotion that is projected into the vocals will have you feeling whatever she was feeling when creating the track. Pair that with the easily relatable lyrics and the song is a masterpiece. The simplicity is genius and her vocals are not overpowered by gimmicks and unnecessary synths. Ava’s beautiful voice is the main focus of the song making it easy to appreciate.

When talking about the single, Ava Kay says;

 “I often crave calm, reflective music myself and I wanted to be able to create songs that were true to that, while still making records that people can connect to without it feeling too insular, Wild Again feels like all that without any compromises. I think the artists I am influenced by the most are those who are true to their musical landscape, and are able to convey an emotional sentiment in a distinct manner that is undeniably their own sound.”

This is a singer that you must keep your eye on. For further updates, be sure to follow Ava Kay on Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram!

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