Flo Gallop Releases Brand-New Bop ’21’

Pop-princess Flo Gallop has recently dropped her brand-new banger titled “21.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify now!

You get to know Flo has a person in “21.” She has given a piece of her life to her listeners, and you feel like you know her on a more personal level once the song has finished. It is a narration of her life day-to-day life as a 21 year old. The time where we can live freely and party and have fun. With it’s highly relatable lyrics, not only id she describing her own life, but yours too. With sassy, and confident instrumentation, and it’s incredible storytelling, “21” will be on repeat for hours. The sound is very reminscent of the eary 2000s, so prepare to feel that nostalgia.

So who is Flo Gallop? The singer was born in south-east London and music was definitely her calling. She is a natural artist that writes music that is easy to escape to. Her aim is not to change the world, but rather get your attention. She was made to perform and to tell stories through her craft. Her lyrics are real and she will always be honest in her work – no matter how much the truth will hurt.

If you’re a young women in your 20s, then this is the singer for you. You will be able to connect with her music on a deep, personal level and feel like you have a friend. To show your support, be sure to follow Flo Gallop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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