MUSIC REWIND: Steps – ‘Step One’ vs. ‘What The Future Holds’

Since 1998, Steps have been a household name and still are to this day. We’ve been there through every new fashion, from Lisas’ blue streaks to Fayes’ dreadlocks. Take a step back in time with us, as we rewind back to Step One!

‘Step One’ really set the tone and did well to establish the Steps sound we have grown to love over the years. Here are some of our favourites! :

‘One For Sorrow’ remains precious amongst fans. The song really captures how an upbeat song, complete with a full dance routine, can still have heartbreaking lyrics. The music video tops off the summer vibe, with white and airy costumes and plenty of scenery to enjoy.

‘This Heart Will Love Again’ has a positive message that you will need to hear from time to time. Although this one is a slower tempo, you’ll find yourself still dancing along to the melody. The lyrics are all about wanting to be a better person for someone in particular, but realising you may be better off trying to move on.

‘Better Best Forgotten’ again, is a typical Steps vibe. This track is about accepting you might not have all the answers, or be able to control the emotions of others. However, it’s still important to take chances and be happy, whatever that looks like.

Over 20 years after the release of ‘Step One’, the poptastic group are still releasing more music. Here’s our favourites from their latest album ‘What The Future Holds’ :

‘What The Future Holds’ is an upbeat track that conveys a crucial message. We think this one explains exactly how Steps feel about their new sound, especially with the line ‘one foot in the past and one foot in the future’. This is definitely a changing era, but has an essence of the classic Steps sound.

‘Father’s Eyes’ is an intruiging song title in itself, so we were immediately drawn in. Interestingly, the lyrics are about love and devotion and what that can mean for each individual. Viewing relationships through the eye of a parent can keep you grounded, and take a step back from the situation.

‘Don’t You Leave Us Halfway’ has a gradual build up throughout the song and is generally a beautiful track. The lyrics describe how meeting ‘halfway’ with someone is easier than taking the hard way.

We love the old and new Steps eras, and everything in between. Fans and listeners can still identify with them, as they have grown up with the sound, which has taken them through their informative years, giving them that nostalgic vibe.

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