Seth King Releases Catchy Track ‘Numb’

At the beginning of December, the up and coming singer Seth King dropped his most recent single named “Numb.” The track is now available on Spotify!

“Numb” is an extremely catchy and upbeat song that you will have on repeat! Upon first listen, you will feel the frustration of not knowing the lyrics as it is one of those songs you want to sing from the top of your lungs. Seth has successfully combined rock and pop and created a work of art. It’s full of emotion and will make you feel warm and fuzzy. The perfect track to have on repeat when on a very long road trip.

The single was also accompanied by a rather quirky music video. The video is now available to watch below;

When talking about the track, Seth King says;

“I wanted to be someone who cared about the world…,but with 2020, the fires, hurricanes, human rights breaches and a global pandemic, I found myself becoming numb to it all. I woke up at 3am one morning and realised I don’t want to be numb in this world.”

Seth is originally from Australia but his music has taken him around the world. However, after a song of his became rather popular in Bali, he decided to move there and follow his dream. Now, we can’t wait to see where his music journey will take him.

“Numb” is a highly relatable track that is just a listen to. You won’t regret listening to this unique and original song so be sure to check it out! There is truly nothing else like it. For future updates, be sure to follow Seth King on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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