Circumnavigate Release Single ‘Keep a Moment’

Alt-pop band Circumnavigate have recently released their new single titled “Keep a Moment.’ The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Circumnavigate are iconic for their sweet soundscape sound. “Keep a Moment” is a perfect example of this. It is the perfect track to relax and get lost into. This is the third track the band have released in the year of 2020 – all of which are in preparation for when they drop their upcoming EP. “Layer You Up” and “Shy Love”┬áreceived high praise. Both have found a place in four of Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlists. The band racked up an impressive 225,000 streams in just a few months!

Like many artists this year, Circumnavigate found themselves adapting to working on their music from the safety of their own homes. Determined to stay productive, they have been working on new material to put out into the world. “Keep a Moment” was one of the masterpieces that was created during this time. Their sound certainly stands out from the rest, they pride themselves in their uniqueness. The lockdown has enabled them to perfect what sounds like their own genre.

This year has been hard on the entertainment history, but the group have stayed optimistic. They are now excited to show their fanbase what they have been working on, and we’re sure that the fans are just as equally excited to hear it.

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