Karima Francis Drops ‘Carelessness Causes Fire’

Karima Francis has recently released her brand-new single “Carelessness Causes Fire.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

Earlier in 2020, Karima Francis wrote the beautiful track “Carelessness Cause Fire.” It’s certainly has an interesting tale behind it – one of which you do not hear many artists write about. It touches on the dark side of being in the music industry. A candid reflection on what it is truly like to be part of such a massive industry that musicians can only dream of breaking into.

When talking about “Carelessness Causes Fire,” Karima Francis says;

“The song is about working through past traumas and how this has affected my life and confidence as an artist to date. It also has a global message… When the pressure is too much an explosive eruption can happen, which can be dangerous and destructive.” 

Karima has a way of perfectly articulating her most deep, and meaningful feelings into her lyrics. Her honesty that goes into her storytelling makes her music beautifully haunting. Her debut album “The Author” was released all the way back in 2009, followed by “The Remedy” (2012) and “Black” (2016). With each album, you can see her grow as an artist.

“Carelessness Causes Fire,” her previous single “Orange Rose” released at the beginning of the year, and “Shelf Life” released at the end of last year, gives us an insight into the next chapter of Karima’s career. These most recent singles will leave you wanting more.

2021 is expected to see more new material from the artist so you better keep your eye out for when it happens! For future updates, be sure to follow Karima Francis Twitter, and Instagram!

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