Anson Seabra Releases ‘Walked Through Hell’

Kansas based singer Anson Seabra has recently released his brand-new single “Walked Through Hell.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Walked Through Hell” is a beautiful ballad that is sure to tug on a few heartstrings. The blend of the simple piano, soft guitar melodies, emotional lyrics, and Anson’s angelic vocals, create the perfect break-up song. Sometimes we all need a song that will articulate what we’re feeling better than we ever could. “Walked Through Hell” is one of those masterpieces. It’s good to let your feelings out, so let this listening experience allow you to do just that.

Anson Seabra released his debut single “Welcome To Wonderland” back in 2018. Since then, he’s slowly been on the rise, racking up a massive 52 million streams on just that track alone! His follow up single “Robin Hood” reached the same success. Now, he’s back to grace us with whimsical, storytelling and has announced that he will be dropping his up and coming EP in 2021 – with “Walked Through Hell” being the first single.

The singer just has to find a place on your playlists. His songwriting is truly phenomenal, and is sure to hit you where it hurts…but it’s a feeling that you’ll welcome! With already 3.8 million monthly streams on Spotify, we have no doubt that Anson Seabra will continue to achieve great success with his music.

For more updates on the EP, and any other announcements, be sure to follow Anson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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