Madelyn Releases Single ‘Hold On, Light Up’

The stunning songstress from Birmingham Madelyn has just dropped her beautiful new single “Hold On, Light Up.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Sometimes, all we want to do when life gets hard, is to shut off, put our headphones in, and get lost in the world of music. “Hold On, Light Up” is a wonderful track that will have you entranced. You’re able to ignore everything that is going on around you and just appreciate the work of art that Madelyn has given to us.

Her last single “Where You Are” saw success after it was placed on one Spotify’s biggest playlist “New Pop UK.” It was also played by BBC Introducing, as well as being featured on The Alternative Nation and Unheard Gems. There is no doubt that “Hold On, Light Up” will see an equal amount of success – if not more!

So, who is Madelyn? And why should you listen to her music? Well, to answer the second question, her music is insanely good and we don’t think that takes much convincing. Let’s give you a bit of background on the singer. She is an independent artist who has spent the last couple of years finding and refining her sound. So far, she has released three incredible singles that has an alt-pop feel to them. Her musical influences include; Lorde, Sigrid, and Vera Blue.

Madelyn will be one to watch in 2021. We’re sure that she has so much more to give in the future ahead so be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

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