National Service Share New Single ‘Caving’

Late last week (13th of November), alt band National Service dropped their new single “Caving.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“Caving” delves into the emotions of lead singer and guitarist Fintan. It’s all about the high expectations one may set themselves, and then having to deal with that pressure. When you’re in the mind-set of wanting to be the best, you’re constantly on the go, you say yes to every opportunity, and forever thinking and chasing that goal. All of that can take its toll on you after a while. The lesson listeners should take upon hearing “Caving,” is that they are not alone in feeling this way.

When talking about the track, Fintan in his own words says;

“Caving was written at a time when I was getting crushed under the weight of my own expectations. Pressures I put upon myself and commitments I made at work, at home, with music and with friends. I wanted to be smashing everything – you know that nonsense aboutliving your best life? I don’t subscribe to that, but on some level, it gets to you. Never saying no to anyone or anything, never stopping; constantly active, thinking, chasing. Dreams, goals, ambitions, success. If I can just make it through these next three months, everything will be good. I’ll slow down, stop maybe and just begin enjoying it all. Just one more push until I’m settled and happy. But it never comes, because every time you get there, you readjust the goalposts and everything shoots into the distance again. It’s this purgatory and this perpetual feeling that you’re not good enough yet, but you will be if you try just a little harder for just a little longer. Never content, never finished.It gets to the point where you don’t even know where or who you are anymore.”

If you enjoyed listening to “Caving,” back in 2019, the foursome released an EP titled “Meltwater” – which sees five incredible tracks that are an absolute must listen.

National Service consists of Fintan Campbell, (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Daniel Hipkin (bass, synth, backing vocals), Iain Kelly (lead guitar & backing vocals) and Matthew Alston (drums). Their music is for all the alt-rock lovers. The blend of guitar, drums, and bass will have you wanting to join a band of your own. We can only imagine the energy “Caving” would bring when performed in front of a live audience.

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