REVIEW: Tomberlin New EP ‘Projections’

The stunning songstress Tomberlin has recently dropped her brand-new EP “Projections.” This incredible body of work is now available to stream on Spotify.

“Projections” starts off strong with “Hours.” It introduces us to Tomerlin’s absolutely beautiful voice. Pair that with the easy-to-learn lyrics, and the glorious guitar melodies, you will literally have this song on repeat for hours. Don’t spend too long listening to it though as you have four other equally brilliant tracks to get through!

After this delightful introduction, we move onto “Wasted.” The track begins with a simple, yet powerful, guitar before Tomberlin blows us away yet again with her equally simple, yet powerful voice. A talent that tends to get forgotten about within the music industry is how artists can use little to create a masterpiece. With all the technology we have in the world nowadays, it can be tempting to get carried away. “Wasted” demonstrates that a guitar and a singing voice is all you need to create a work of art.

“Floor” is up next and it flows flawlessly from beginning to end. The song creates a dreamy vibe. A great listen if you want to clear your head and relax. Perhaps a track to listen to right before you go to sleep? Or maybe it will find a place on you meditation playlist? Whatever you choose to do with it, you will appreciate the wonders of Tomberlin’s story-telling within her lyrics and the way she delivers it.

We now move forward to “Sin.” This track is sure to hold a special place in several listeners hearts. It focusses on the topic of exploring your sexuality. The songstress sings; “I don’t mind sinning if it’s with you,” implying that despite what people may think, if you’re with the right person, you simply don’t care. Love is love after all. When speaking of the inspiration behind the track, the singer says:

“I wrote ‘Sin’ while living at my parents’ home and exploring my queerness, but afraid to make it too obvious. It’s definitely using imagery that gets used againstqueer people, but making a joke out of it. That’s a thing with queer people. We all use humor to deflect our pain.

We’ve now reached the end of the EP with “Natural Light.” Every track on the EP blends so perfectly. You’ll be so immersed, you’ll find that you’ve listened to every song without even realising it. “Natural Light” eases you softly out of this wondrous state-of-mind you have found yourself in. The best way to what truly is a faultless EP.

Tomberlin has out done herself with “Projections.” She has created a collection of songs that you can get lost in to – distract you from everything that’s going on in the world currently. We’ll look forward to see what else she has in store for us in the future. For more updates, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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